The Big Chef Tom's Belly Burgers restaurant is now open

The best burgers are nothing like any burger you’ve ever had.

100% ground pork-belly patty, grilled and delivered on a toasted, buttered bun, and done up in a true American style — that is, with inspiration and gourmet ingredients from around the world.

1550 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA

Mon-Fri: 10:30am-9pm • Sat: 12pm-9 pm • Sun: 11:30am-8pm

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Since leaving his Food Network show behind, Big Chef Tom has slung his 100% pork-belly burgers on-site for thousands of hungry folks at places like Craigslist, Spotify, Pinterest, and StubHub, not to mention private parties and weddings. Oh, and we’ve even been asked to be a returning vendor at the Outside Lands festival … clearly, there’s something people love about Belly Burgers™ and our catering.

We think it’s the combination of fun, engaging staff and the taste-bud-tingling pork, chicken, and veggie burgers you can’t get anywhere else.

Contact us today for catering pricing and menus and let us turn your occasion into an event your guests won’t forget!

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Who We've Served

  • Catering Clients: Google, Dolby Digital, MalwareBytes, Twilio, Lytro, Kanjoya
  • Catering Clients: Pinterest, Yelp, Dropbox, Hewlett Packard, Klout, Zynga
  • Catering Clients: Craigslist, HeyZap, BTIG, Dropcam, LiveRail, Rdio
  • Catering Clients: WhatsApp, Foursquare, StubHub, Square, Uber, GoodReads
  • Catering Clients: Mozilla, Khan Academy, Spotify, SalesForce, OKCupid, Hotel Tonight
  • Catering Clients: AliveCor, BackBlaze, Formation 8, Kabam, Storm8, DynamicSignal
The Belly Burger Story

The Belly Burger Story

It’s a tale of three childhood friends, a Food Network show, a $600 van, and like any good story, pork belly.

Big Chef Tom (Tom Pizzica) wasn’t a chef yet at ten-years-old when he first struck up a friendship with brothers David and Robert Donato. The three went to school together, camp together, cooked in the kitchen together, played sports together, and caused the usual grief to parents and neighbors expected of a trio of friends. They were inseparable. Even after highschool, Tom and Dave attended George Washington University … as roommates.

The three friends stayed close, though their career paths soon diverged. Rob and Dave pursued business and honed their entrepreneurial skills, while Tom’s love of food and years of working in restaurants through college only made him hungry for more creativity and carried him to culinary school in California.

Just two years after graduating, Tom became the executive chef at the esteemed Imperial Hotel in Chestertown, MD. But if you asked Rob and Dave, they knew Tom wouldn’t be long on the east coast before adventure called him away. So when the time came for a new opportunity, and with some help and encouragement from his friends, Tom scored a $600 van in south Jersey. The three friends christened it “Tina” and Tom hauled his belongings in it all the way back to CA. But he was still unsatisfied and looking for something bigger when his then-fiancée talked him into auditioning for an upcoming reality show … and Tom scored a spot on The Next Food Network Star. His big personality and fearlessness in the kitchen not only led him to finish runner-up, but the network also then offered him his own show as the host of Outrageous Food. After three successful seasons in entertainment, Tom knew it was time to get back to what he really set out to do—cook, create and work with the people he loved best. So after a few beers with Rob and Dave, Tom asked the all-important question in his anything-goes kitchen: “What if I ground pork belly and made it into a burger?”

So he tried it. Again and again. He added toppings. He sizzled it in different sauces. He let the creative juices flow, pardon the pun. Then, there came that one bite into the perfect patty and Tom knew he had it—the thing that would make this world a better place. He immediately got on the phone to Rob and Dave (after finishing chewing, of course) to tell them about the pork-belly patty perfection.

With the two brothers helping guide the business alongside Tom’s creative visions, the three launched their secret weapon into the culinary marketplace … and people couldn’t get enough. From the very first sidewalk-vending days through farmers’ markets to private catering and festivals, Belly Burgers™ became a must-have caterer serving clients like Yelp, Dropbox, Craigslist, Hewlett-Packard, and even a requested year-after-year return vendor at the Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival.

And finally, with the opening of a restaurant, Big Chef Tom’s Belly Burgers™ cut out a space of its very own. Now, the three friends get to work together creating burgers like you’ve never had before. And thankfully, you know exactly where and when you can get your next fix of 100% pork-belly patty on a toasted, buttered bun.

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